Saturday, May 22, 2004

Weekly Webcomic Update

Okay, so it's a bit late... this Sunday's Sluggy had me distracted. Still, I timestamped it where it belonged.

Sluggy Freelance -- And it's a successful mission on "Pig Sty for the Gay Guy." And things take a really cool turn as the Dimension of Lame Bun-bun shows up. Is it the final showdown between Torg and the Dimension of Pain? And yes, Pain and Lame are two different dimensions.

Day by Day -- John Kerry gets mocked (twice), but mostly it's a lot of Damon this week.

It's Walky! -- And the fight between SEMME and the Britjas rages on, only the Britjas have brainwashed quite a few SEMME agents.

College Roomies from Hell!!! (I added some exclamation points. I was negligent leaving them off, as "The three exclamation points stand for quality!) -- Mike infiltrates the party, where he has a very nasty flashback. Unfortunatley, there weren't as many updates this week as I would have hoped.

General Protection Fault -- And the false Craig is revealed, to everyone except Sharon.

Schlock Mercenary -- The alien CSI has discovered that Schlock is innocent. Cool.

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