Thursday, May 27, 2004

Sluggy Freelance October 20-27, 1997: Home again

This is a continuation of the Sluggy Archive Review. It's a chance for you to become familiar with Sluggy Freelance by going through the archives one week each day. You can start here.

Week 9: Home again

If you're wondering, you should read the comic first, then read my comments.

Torg and Riff are on their own against the alien. On the bright side, they now have big guns and a plan. On the dark side, they're using the guns to blow up random stuff and it's a really bad plan. But when they find the way home, it all works out in the end. Well, except for the fact that the alien is loose to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting population... Hey, look, there's Zoe!

Things I noticed:

1. Monday's comic is beautiful. I'm not sure the guys can tell the difference between their lives and a first person shooter. Considering how crazy their lives are, this may be a good thing.

2. Tuesday: Torg as bait. I intend to take his advice if I'm ever in that situation.

3. Thursday: "We have to open the portal now!" "I have to eat you guys!"

4. Friday: "Could I just throw a shoe at it?" In the next comic, you can see the shoe in the alien's hand.

5. I wasn't sure the guys would make it home. Heck, we've had nearly as many comics in the alternate dimension as the real world. How do we know the "real world" wasn't just the set up.

6. Zoe is reintroduced in Sunday's comic. Bet you thought she was just a temp for a week. Turns out she's the neighbor. This comic also establishes time--it's been about a month since they left, the same amount of time as has passed in real days. It's not always easy to tell with comics. Pete makes an effort to have the holidays line up, but other than that, it can take a month to cover the events of a single day in comic time.

7. So not only is the alien loose in our world, advanced weapons are now in the hands of Torg and Riff. They're not exactly the folks I'd pick to bequeath advanced technology to, see Monday's strip.

8. Sunday's comic also has my favorite line for the week: "Oh yeah, the girl from the park! I didn't recognize you conscious, upright, and unmangled!"

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