Thursday, May 20, 2004

Sluggy Freelance Archive Review Week 2: September 1-7, 1997

I've been known to recommend webcomics on this blog. The thing about webcomics is, because the entire archive is online, they tend to be serial, referring to past events and building on old storylines. For that reason, it's best to start from the beginning, but also kind of intimidating to read through six years of webcomics at once. For that reason, I've started the Sluggy Freelance Archive Review. We'll go through the Sluggy Freelance Archives in week-sized chunks. It'll take a while, but this should serve as a good introduction to one of the mainstays of Internet webcomics.

Along Came a Bunny

Now that the guys have a cute talking animal, they want to get rid of him. Unfortunately, Bun-bun fights back, and the pet store won't take returns unless they're broken. A few things to notice:

1. Monday's strip is a classic, the first where we see that not only is Bun-bun rude, he's violent, and he's more than capable of pummeling a nerd-boy ten times his size.

2. He's mischievous. In the sense that he can get you killed and/or fired. Also, it looks like talking animals are not the rule in the Sluggyverse.

3. Riff is doing an animation render. One might think he was a computer artist. What's he rendering, anyway?

4. Riff has no problem murdering cute talking animals. Of course, he has met Bun-bun.

5. While Bun-bun is usually quite intelligent, sometimes his rabbit instincts take over and he does something really stupid.

6. PETA member gets beaten up by the cute talking animal. This is how I knew I liked Pete.

7. What is it with Bun-bun and Baywatch? Why would a rabbit like human women?

Please do not post spoilers, or speculation that looks like spoilers, in the comments of this post. I've cross-posted this on the Sluggy Freelance Forums for all your spoiler needs.

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