Saturday, May 22, 2004

Sluggy Freelance Archive Review Week 4: September 15-21, 1997

All right, I'm running late today, but I changed the timestamp by a few minutes to make sure it didn't leak into Sunday.

This is a continuation of the Sluggy Archive Review. It's a chance for you to become familiar with Sluggy Freelance by going through the archives one week each day. You can start here.

Demon Summoning Week

Not having much luck summoning demons through the Internet, Riff intends to do it the old-fashioned way, with a tome of ancient evil. Torg, of course, goes along with it. Things I noticed:

1. Torg and Riff, best friends that they are, always seem to go along with each others' plans, no matter how crazy, dangerous, and outright stupid they are.

2. Where do you think the Book of E-ville came from in the first place?

3. You'd figure that Bun-bun would be more into summoning evil.

4. I particularly like Tuesday's comic, "What?! It's only okay if Bill Gates does it [summons evil to plunge the world into chaos and darkness]?"

5. It's the first mention of telemarketers on Wednesday.

6. The unpronounceable spell word is neat.

7. The "About the Author" blurb on Saturday is a nice touch.

8. Only Riff and Torg would play with the forces of darkness for such frivolous purposes.

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