Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Abu Ghraib

I haven't commented on this yet, mostly because there doesn't seem to be much to say. The behavior of the accused soldiers was reprehensible; they should be punished to the full extent of the law, which I think will become increasingly difficult with all the publicity. Which brings me to my main point: can we move on? This story ceased to be front page news a week ago, and yet everytime I take a look at Rochester's paper (The Democrat and Chronicle), there it is as the top article. Today's article is "Bush Shown New Torture Pics," although I may have the phrasing wrong (the actual headline is not online). There may be an important story there somewhere, but there must be other news going on in the world. It clearly wasn't important enough to warrant front page treatment on the website, where the lead article is about the Lilac Festival. I don't want to hear any more about the ins and outs of the investigation than I wanted to know about the details of the OJ trial or the Rodney King beating trial. I may have been curious, but in each case I think justice would have been better served had the media not decided it was part of the jury.

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