Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Understanding the Left

Doc Rampage has a long but fascinating post entitled "talking past each other." (Doc doesn't capitalize his post titles. No, I don't get it either.) Here's an excerpt:
The difference in a nut shell: the left believes that the measure of a society is how well it produces good people. The right thinks that the measure of a society is how well it controls bad people. To the left, if a society has bad people that need to be controlled, then it is a failure already. To the right, society has little impact on how good a person is, it can only control their more harmful actions.

I think Doc is largely correct. There's one thing I don't think he addressed fully:
This view of the left is also what compels them to piousness on issues of conflict. If someone is violent, it is because someone failed to adjust the perpetrator's inputs properly. So conservatives act to control the worst elements of human nature and leftists sniff, "Well, just don't have such elements." They always seem to think that if we would only be nicer to criminals, crime would vanish. There is the implicit suggestion that if you would only be nicer to criminals, crime would vanish. When the left asked after 9/11, "Why do they hate us?" it was clear from their answers that what they really meant was "Why do they hate you?", meaning conservatives, capitalists, and Christians -- the three C's of Evil or C3oE. And what they mean is that the C3oE is not on board with the effort to reprogram all those nasty violent people into bucolic Europhiles.

If you want to know what the Islamofascists hate most about America, it isn't the Christians. It's the liberals. When they look at America, what disgusts them? The sexual propaganda of our entertainment, for one. The secularism, for another. Glorification of homosexuality, abortion, the dissolution of marriage, post-modernism, the denunciation of religion... If they ever succeed in turning America into a Muslim country, we Christians will suffer, certainly. The liberals will be lucky to survive.

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