Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Christian Carnival XVIII

Welcome to this week's Christian Carnival. I've carefully read all these posts before putting them up, and I found them all to be good. This doesn't necessarily mean I agree with all of them (or even any of them), but it does mean that they're all worth reading. I believe I got everybody's submission, but as I was shuffling through two e-mail accounts, it's possible I missed some. If you sent me an e-mail but don't see your post, just e-mail me again at the address in the sidebar. I've grouped the posts by topics, although I had no particular strategy for choosing topics aside from what suggested itself from what people wrote.


Bob at Mr. Standfast shares a Prayer Request for a friend.

Mr. Standfast's request inspired Rebecca Writes to share a "A Few Thoughts on Prayer," including the importance of telling other people you are praying for them.

Bryan at Spare Change argues that our prayers need to be more like instant messages than snail mail. If you have no idea what this means, you should read his post "Instant Messaging."


Darren at Nicene Theology has a post called "The One-upmanship of Evil," describing how an appropriate response to Nick Berg's violence requires us to overcome evil with good.

La Shawn Barber looks at the war with a Christian perspective in "Onward Christian Soldiers."

Theism and Naturalism

Jeremy Pierce at Parablemania writes about miracles, naturalism, and God's will in "God's Will and Naturalism."

John Zimmer from Letters from Babylon has the latest post on whether naturalism is a necessary assumption in science, "Methodological Naturalism and the Proper Scope of Science, Revisited."


Intolerant Elle talks about how teaching spiritual Greeks is different from instructing spiritual Jews in "Thai Greeks."

Douglas Bass at Belief Seeking Understanding tries to understand "A Verse Many People Don't Get...", specifically John 14:12, which says: "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father."

Warren at View from the Pew thinks the Southern Baptists Convention's decision to encourage its members to abandon public schools is a mistake. "Why yield ground to the Enemy?" he argues in "Christians and Public Education."

The Church

Karen Marie Knapp at From the Anchor Hold says that Catholics should not be asking "What's the least I can do to be saved?" but "What more can I do?" in her post "Maximal Catholic Living: Spiritual Fitness Program for Beginners and the Out-of-Shape." There's good advice here for us non-Catholics as well.

Hal Paxton at The Great Separation considers a tough pro-life question in "Mother, who Refused a Medically Advised Abortion, Dies."

Samantha Pierce at Uncle Sam's Cabin takes issue with those who say women shouldn't speak at all in church, in her post "Women Should be Silent in Churches."

Thoughts and Feelings

The verb (aka Jeff) at Kingdom Come has posted "On Sensuality." Sensuality is not synonymous with sexuality, and neither is inherently evil.

Marla Swoffer of Proverbial Wife has some ideas about why both thinking and feeling are incomplete ways of experiencing the world in "Subjective Objections".

Dawn Xiana Moon has a post about community and suburbia called "Language Falters."

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