Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Accepting Christian Carnival Submissions

I'll be hosting the next Christian Carnival. Here's the information from the e-mail Nick Queen sent to people:
This coming Wednesday is the next Christian Carnival, and will be hosted at Back of the Envelope.

If you have a blog, this will be a great way to get read, and possibly pick up readers in the process, or highlight your favorite post from the past week.

To enter is simple. First your post should be of a Christian nature, but this does not exclude posts that are political (or otherwise) in nature from a Christian point of view. Then do the following:

email Donald at

Provide the following:

Title of your Blog
URL of your Blog
Title of your post
URL linking to that post
Description of the Post

Cut off date is Tuesday by 8 PM EST.

You can also send the e-mail to my alum address listed in the sidebar. It'll get to me either way.

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