Sunday, May 30, 2004

Partisan Prayer

I try to avoid partisan prayers. While I'll pray for political figures, I'm very reluctant to pray against them. I also don't like praying that one party or another will win the election. While I think that God is in control, well, I think He is in control, and He knows what He's doing, while I have very little idea what I'm doing when I talk about or pray about politics. So I think God will bring about His will, and I'll occasionally pray that politicians be more in tune with His will, or that this thing or that thing will be done by our government, but I don't pray about who will win elections.

During the 2000 election showdown I did pray for a quick resolution. While I prefered Bush over Gore, in 2000 I thought that Gore would do a decent job governing even if I disagreed with the majority of his policies. So when I prayed, I may have let slip that I'd really like to see Bush win, but I trusted God to choose the right candidate. After 9/11 I thanked God for doing so, because I felt Bush dealt with the situation better than Al Gore would have. Earlier this week I fervently and effusively thanked God for doing so, offering up my heartfelt thanks that Gore did not win. If you don't know what I'm talking about, try visiting here or here. Now I'm praying that Gore gets help, and that he is never allowed near the reins of power again. Meanwhile, if any of the Florida voters who voted for Bush in 2000 are in the Rochester area, let me know. I'd like to thank you for saving us from disaster.

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