Sunday, April 18, 2004

Week in Review

Here are my major posts from the previous week.

The Harmony of the Gospels -- I quote from all four Resurrection accounts. Don't miss the follow-up post on the similarities and differences.

Galileo: Other sources -- A follow up on an earlier post, I quote from another source to confirm some of the details about Galileo's difficulties with the Catholic Church.

Ted Kennedy's Vietnam -- I explain why Iraq won't be George Bush's Vietnam, but why it could be John Kerry's.

The Progressive Church -- The first in a series of posts about liberal Christianity, its good points and its bad.

Democratic Advertising -- I point out that the ad which called for Rumsfeld's execution (figuratively, at least) was, aside from inflammatory, also poorly researched. This post appeared in Right Wing News's sidebar for a couple of days.

Blogging Bush's Press Conference
-- I live-blog Bush's press conference.

Gerard Alexander at Rochester -- Gerard Alexander, the author of "The Myth of Republican Racism," is giving a talk at Rochester. I'll be attending, and if you have any questions you think I should ask, please pass them along.

Spirit of America -- I offer to join the blogwar between Michelle Catalano and Dean Esmay -- for a price to be named later.

The Shroud of Turin -- My sparse thoughts on the Shroud of Turin.

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