Saturday, April 17, 2004

Quite a rollercoaster ride

My blog traffic has been up and down this week, as can be seen from this graph of visits per day from Sitemeter.

The Blogs for Bush carnival on Monday (no doubt augmented by the Instapundit link to Blogs for Bush on that day), the Christian Carnival on Wednesday, the link in Right Wing News's sidebar, all brought a lot of traffic at the beginning of the week. Of course, it tapered off near the end, helped along by my own sluggish blogging. For a while there I thought my average might be moving up to 50+ per day, but it looks like I'm still in the 25-35 range (which actually is an improvement since I last mentioned it, as I've since figured out how to ignore my own visits--well I technically knew how, I just didn't think it would work with dynamic IP addressing, but it's smarter than I thought).

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