Thursday, April 08, 2004

Condoleeza Rice's Testimony

I haven't watched the testimony itself, but I will be reading the transcript when I get a chance. Powerline has live-blogged it for anyone interested in the instant replay. His general feeling is she did okay, but not great. The one thing I've noticed is that the Bush administration has avoided laying the blame for 9/11 at Clinton's feet. This would be very easy to do, and sometimes I wish they just would do it, since Clinton's people don't seem to be returning the favor. At other times, I admire them for doing that, trying to avoid the obvious partisan advantage and instead looking to unite the American people. Even in the direct aftermath of 9/11, when firing a dozen or so Clinton appointees would have been strongly approved, and would have discredited them enough that they couldn't have taken the role they're in now, Bush decided to keep them, hoping that in the emergency situation they could put aside partisan differences. Perhaps it was a mistake, but I still have to admire him for it.

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