Friday, April 02, 2004


I haven't said anything about the Fallujah attacks yet. (That's not surprising, when you consider that I very rarely express my thoughts on a news item right away. I'm not a fast enough blogger to get there first, and I prefer to let my thoughts percolate. Then, if I have something to add to the debate, I will post something.) If you don't know what it's all about, terrorists bombed vehicles carrying civilian contractors, then a mob dragged the contractors out of the vehicles and mutilated their bodies.

Plenty of people have posted on this already. Donald Sensing argues that it's important to act, while Steven den Beste argues that it's important not to overreact. I agree with both.

One thing I'm not too worried about is being able to find the members of the mob. The whole thing was caught on video, and the mob wasn't camera shy. This isn't another Mogadishu. We clearly aren't going to run; we will instead respond forcefully, but not inhumanely.

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