Friday, April 23, 2004

Have you contributed... Spirit of America yet?

I'm not going to do the whole Dean Esmay bribe and threaten thing. You should just realize that it's a good cause. The situation in Iraq is about winning the hearts and minds of average Iraqis. There's a lot working against this, including terrorists, the nations who openly support them (Iran and Syria), the nations who may not directly support terrorism but who have an interest in seeing democracy fail in Iraq, propaganda outlets like Al Jazeera (who, even in their English language webpage have a section titled Conspiracy Theories, right up there with Sports and Weather--if they had Sports and Weather sections), etc. However, the single biggest force working for our side is the American military. They are doing not just what they're trained to do (killing the bad guys), but also what they're not trained for, though it comes naturally to them--helping people. They are the best ambassadors America has, and they're doing more to change the attitudes of Iraqis about the US than any propaganda machine the US is capable of running. If you want to see them succeed, if you want to see democracy flourish in the Mideast, then you should contribute to this cause. Click on the link below.

Update: While the fundraiser is now over, you can still contribute to Spirit of America here.

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