Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Religion blogging

I've posted a lot of stuff about religion recently. How come? There are several reasons, I suppose. The first is that it was just Easter, and that meant I had the occasion to post a few things I'd been thinking about for a while. The second is I started reading Letters from Babylon, a group blog which includes a friend of mine from MIT, and their thoughts on faith and science inspired some of my posting (especially read their posts about chemistry leprechauns). Finally, I just got tired of talking about politics. I had a number of things I'd been wanting to say on the subject for a while, and I've mostly said them, and after that all the major players are just repeating themselves, and there's not much to say without repeating myself. I still do it when a particularly egregious example of stupidity rears its ugly head again, and I'm sure that sooner or later something new will come along and I'll talk about it, but for right now I'm finding other topics of conversation.

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