Sunday, April 04, 2004

Week in Review

Here's what I've been writing about this week.

Vampires -- My post challenging my readers on their beliefs about Vampires generated as many comments as anything else I've ever written. Granted, it still came to only four comments, but still...

Judicial Appointments -- I explain why fighting Bush over his judicial appointments may backfire on the Democrats.

Kerry's Sermon -- My thoughts on Kerry's speech before a Black church.

CNN bias -- Is the CNN article on Bush's reversals biased? You betcha.

Engineer writers -- I "join" the Corner debate about Engineer writers.

Is Christianity inherently anti-Semitic? -- If you say the gospels are anti-Semitic, then so is the entirety of Christianity.

Muslims and The Passion of the Christ -- I add my two cents to the debate over The Passion's popularity in the Mideast.

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