Friday, April 09, 2004

Moving up in the Blogosphere

I noticed that I've been added to La Shawn Barber's blogroll. This is quite an honor as she, like myself, keeps a very short blogroll. After all, it would be an honor to be added to Glenn Reynold's blogroll, but as he has 233 blogs on his roll, it would hardly be noticed, and couldn't be considered an actual endorsement. (Although considering that his roll is listed alphabetically, I would be near the top... Glenn, if you're reading this, no offense. Really. And if you ever need professional advice on quantum computation, just let me know.) I was also added to Letters from Babylon's blogroll earlier this week, which, like La Shawn's, is short. I knew one of the bloggers there before he was blogging, however, so I'll never be quite certain whether they liked my blog or they were concerned by the blackmail potential. I've also been added to Mostly Cajun's blogroll, which is longer than the others, but not too much longer. He hails from Southwest Louisiana. I don't consider myself from Louisiana, but my family lives in Southeast Louisiana these days (map here), so it's where I visit for holidays. He writes a lot about guns, but that's hardly surprising for a Louisianan. Even my parents have gotten into guns since they moved there, and my mother had always been pro-gun control.

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