Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to the twenty-first Storyblogging Carnival, a bi-weekly collection of fiction from around the blogosphere. Previous carnivals are archived in the Storyblogging Carnival category of this blog. A Carnival collects and organizes entries from numerous participants in a central location, and this Carnival collects examples of Storyblogging. For new visitors, Storyblogging is simply story-telling in blog format, and may range from posting a short story on a blog to posting a long serial story there, from blogging as a fictional persona to collaborative story-telling. We have had all of these storyblogging types appear in this Carnival in the past, though by far the most prevalent are short stories and serial stories.

This week we have eleven stories, three from new participants. There are entries from genres such as horror and hard sci-fi and religious allegory, as well as a few more mainstream stories. There's a good range of sizes this week too, from brief stories to novellas, meaning that you have a wide selection of reading material, in length as well as genre. Enjoy. interesting take on things
by Pamela of Atlas Shrugs
A 530 word brief story rated G.

An enlightened fable with a surprise twist. Did God create everything that exists? Does evil exist? Did God create evil?

[This may be an urban legend, but it's a good one. -DSC]

Werewolf's Lament
by Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium
A 691 word brief story rated PG-13.

A werewolf is attacked in human form and reacts as one would expect considering the numbers. As he languishes in West Wales lamenting his plight.

[A curious tale, in a different voice than Andrew's usual Sage stories. -DSC]

Two of a Kind
by Kevin Griffith of Wild Bill's Kicker
A 754 word excerpt of a 3,156 word short story rated PG-13.

The story is about a guy who still goes on his honeymoon, despite his fiancee backing out of the wedding. He takes his bestfriend/roommate.

[Not too many authors write in the second person, although this is the second one I recall seeing in the Storyblogging Carnival. The second person voice tends to hit a bit too close to home, although it can be made to work, and I think it does here. -DSC]

The Grocer and the Green Gloves
by Jason Pomerantz of Fiddle and Burn
A 1,042 word short story rated G.

A fairy tale about why we should all stop worrying and learn to love Walmart.

[This is a short and clever story. -DSC]

Buddha's Bridge
by D.M. Molloy of Passing Trains
A 1,875 word short story rated R.

Disconnected from the rat-race of society, this is the story of a man living a very unusual life.

[An interesting tale filled with interesting characters. -DSC]

Part 6 of Scale 7 Artifact (Beginning)
by Dave Gudeman of Doc Rampage
The next 2,956 words of a 9,949 word story in progress rated G.

Daniel Greaves recovers his keyboard but loses the Big Screen. More character development and plot setup. Things'll start blowing up real soon now.

[Doc starts to build some tension in this installment. He credits Sheya and I with our cliffhangers for giving him the idea, but he neglects to mention that it was his complaining about cliffhangers that inspired me to really start ramping up the tension in my story. In any case, he's introduced a fascinating cast of characters and some dark plotting in the background, making for some good reading. -DSC]

Chapters 68,69,70, and 71 of The Child (Beginning)
by Sheya Joie of Tales by Sheya
The next 3,871 words of a 56,711 word novel in progress rated PG.

Stone is in trouble - Starr is in trouble. And in the midst of the company needing to come into unity, some things are as fractured as ever - as a new fracture occurs.

[It's always a joy reading The Child. As I said a few days ago, the transition from allegory to interpersonal story really gave it depth and excitement. -DSC]

Chapters 3 and 4 of The Death of a Blogger (Beginning)
by Eric Ashley of Tales of Tadeusz
A 4,7870 word excerpt of a 67,110 word novel rated PG.

Charlie has been attacked. Sharon collapses, perhaps attacked, and now she has to go home to try to figure out if her husband tried to commit suicide, or what is going on?!? Death of a Blogger, the World's First Mystery Novel focused on the Blogosphere rolls onward with perils and pains increasing.

[An intriguing story. -DSC]

by J. Fielek of Quibbles-n-Bits
A 8,627 word short story rated PG-13.

A Western with a twist...

[While not a genre Carnival, we seem to be collecting certain genres. Not that I can really complain, as they're some of my favorites. This is one which is not what it initially appears. -DSC]

The Last Worthless Evening
by Josh Cohen of The New D-42
A 17,460 word short story rated NC-17.

This is a short-story (five parts, about 60 typed pages) about a married couple who fights all the time. It contains somewhat-explicit sex and language; however, it is not pornographic. I have rated it "MA" on my site.

[He's not kidding about the mature rating. I wouldn't use the "somewhat" before "explicit," although it's far from the most graphic story you'll read on the Internet, even without really looking. Be forewarned. Although the explicit language threw me, I really did like the core of the story. -DSC]

I hope you enjoyed this Carnival. If you'd like to participate in future Storyblogging Carnivals, or just join the e-mail list, please contact me.

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