Sunday, January 31, 2010

Storyblogging Carnival XXXI

Welcome to the thirty-first Storyblogging Carnival. If you're not familiar with it, storyblogging is simply storytelling in blog format, usually but not always fiction. We have ten stories this time, and the longest and most disturbing one is non-fiction. More Carnivals can be found on this page. But for now, let's get on with this one:

The Gruntwerx Paradigm
by Mark A. Rayner of The Skwib
A 472 word brief story rated PG.

What happens when you are forced to be happy all the time? Bad things. Very bad things.

The Last Bus
by J. Fielek of Quibbles-n-Bits
A 514 brief story rated G.

An homage to a great person.

[A touching little story. -DSC]

What they don't tell you.
by Goemagog of this space for sublet
A 845 word brief story rated G.


[The author's blurb isn't very descriptive, but I'll just say that Goemagog continues to have a gift for the really, really bizarre. -DSC]

Mysterious Ways
by Stuart Wood at Pajama Pundits
A 1,286 word brief story rated PG.

A story pondering crime and religiosity entering politics.

Sleeping Dragon
by Eric Ashley of Tales of Tadeusz
A 1,404 short story rated R.

A Belmont Club commenter asked what would have happened if bin Laden had attacked Beijing with the airplanes rather than New York and Washington. This is one answer to that question.

Britannia 12 & 13 (The Rest of the Story)
by Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium
The next 2,899 words of a continuing story rated PG.

It continues...

[I originally misplaced Andrew's e-mail and didn't find it until late last night, so I didn't have a chance to read Andrew's entry. My apologies. To show my contrition, I won't even complain that Andrew didn't send me the word count of the whole thing. -DSC]

Ink Magic
by Dave Gudeman of Doc Rampage
The first 3,227 words of a short story rated PG.

Doc gives us a story for Halloween. There's sarcasm, cynicism, and scatological humor. Oh, and something about evil hoodoo.

[Doc didn't send a blurb this time, giving me the rare opportunity to make one up for him. That's always fun. -DSC]

Chapter Two and Chapter Three of Part III of The Child (Beginning)
by Sheya Joie of Tales by Sheya
The next 4,644 words of her 90,917 word novel rated PG.

Now that the teams have scattered through the fortress to find Walker and the captives, some teams find the searching agonizingly slow...

...while for others, events begin to move at a pace that takes their breath away.

[Sheya's reorganized her story into fewer, but longer chapters. -DSC]

What not to do in China...
by Rory of What not to do in Australia
A 15,500 word short story rated R.

This is non fiction, yet the story is so incredible it could easily be fiction.

[This story's title should be taken very literally. -DSC]

And that's it for this carnival. If you'd like to take part in a future carnival, please contact me. I am also looking for hosts. The next Carnival will be hosted by Mark Rayner at The Skwib.

The Storyblogging Carnival can be found at The Truth Laid Bear's √úberCarnival.

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