Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Storyblogging Carnival XXVII

Welcome to the first anniversary edition of the Storyblogging Carnival. Yes, it's really been a whole year since the first carnival. With a year's worth of storytelling in blog format under our collective belt, what's next? I have no idea, but I'm sure we'll have fun.

I honestly don't have much to say by way of introduction this week. So let's just enjoy this week's entries:

Thag Not Like Angry Sky!
by Mark A. Rayner of The Skwib
A 280 word brief story rated PG.

The continuing saga of Thag and his clan — this time on a more serious note, reflective of this past week's events.

[I really liked this short, serious fiction. A necessary reminder of the frailty of human life. -DSC]

Part 11 of Scale 7 Artifact (Beginning)
by Dave Gudeman of Doc Rampage
The next 1,231 words of an 18,525 word story rated PG.

The team is away, but Daniel still harbors dark suspicions. Will his fears come true? Will Daniel's insane paranoia itself damn the mission? Only time will tell. OK, I'll tell you. Daniel's suspicions are well-founded, but you would know that already if you read the ealier chapters.

[Doc continues to spin his yarn with humor and hard sci-fi. -DSC]

by Eric R. Ashley of Tales of Tadeusz
A 2,020 word short story rated PG.

An annoyed troubleshooter searches for a reason why the new work crew can't keep up with the production schedule. Sci-fi/Humor.

[We're off the Death of a Blogger story for the moment, for something a little lighter. -DSC]

by Trudy W. Schuett of WOLves
A 2,158 short story rated PG.

The purpose of Camp is not for summer getaways and winter hunting trips like everybody else’s property. Sure, it started out that way, but sometime in the late 1930s that changed. Officially, that is. I think it’s always been a place of refuge, a way station for people on the path to other things.

[This story was written especially for our first anniversary. It's a fascinating tale about the footnotes to history most folks don't read. -DSC]

Chapters 90, 91, 92, and 93 of The Child (Beginning)
by Sheya Joie of Tales by Sheya
The next 2,562 words of a 73,984 word novel rated PG.

A bit of sword practice in the morning turns into a hunt for a missing member of their group - and something even more unexpected.

[After a computer problem induced hiatus, The Child is back. Good to see you again, Sheya. -DSC]

Chapter 1 of Electricity
by Myke Bartlett of Electricity: A Novel in Increments
A 2,572 word chapter of a 60,000 word novel in progress rated R.

Aston Somerfield – 23, casual smoker and part-time alcoholic – has come to London to find himself. He knows who he's looking for, he's seen him on the cover of the NME. Drawn across oceans by fame and fate, Aston is keeping his diary empty to make sure he's available. Won't commit to anything until it's everything. But London has other plans.

When a virtual stranger calls Aston a few hours before his death, fate is derailed. Amid a hundred boozy evenings and romantic deadends, a mystery unfurls. Equally assisted and hindered by tremulous accountant Tom Hensley and dedicated loafer Steven Black, Aston uncovers a different London – one of murder, ghosts, dangerous emails and the second big bang.

As chaotic and random as the city it inhabits, Electricity slowly evolves into a mystery bigger than the universe itself.

[Okay, I'll admit I only skimmed some of these entries, but this one I didn't even have a chance to do that, as it was submitted late and there's a full 60,000 words online right now. However, it looks like a fascinating story, and when I get a chance, I'll have to start reading this. -DSC]

Chapters 8 and 9 of Britannia Revived (The Whole Story)
by Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium
The next 4,677 words of a novel rated R.

The US President is having problems.

[A continuation of Andrew's near future story of the EU and it's many, many ills.-DSC]

The Quest
by Jason Pomerantz of Fiddle and Burn
A 7,000 word short story rated PG.

In honor of the Carnival's anniversary, here's a special sneak preview of a story that will be running in Fiddle and Burn over the next month: Thirteen year old Hal is obsessed with a violent computer game called Deathzone. When a new version comes out... he'll do whatever it takes to get a copy!

[This is quite a treat. Jason runs a blog he calls a comic strip in prose format, where he posts small bits of the story every day. He's making an entire storyline, weeks worth of posts, available to us ahead of time. Jason's a swell guy, ain't he? Now, if only I could convince J.K. Rowling to do the same with Book 7. -DSC]

A Slightly Different Love Story
by Josh Cohen of The New D-42
A 8,100 word short story rated NC-17.

A slightly different love story, in which two people fall in love, and events occur.

[As always, Josh's story needs a strong warning for explicit content. And as always, it's well told. This one isn't as explicit as most of the others, but it's not exactly PG either.-DSC]

And that's it for our first anniversary edition. If you'd like to take part in a future carnival, please contact me.

The Storyblogging Carnival can be found at The Truth Laid Bear's √úberCarnival.

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