Saturday, January 02, 2010

Storyblogging Carnival II

Welcome to the second Storyblogging Carnival. Here bloggers show that not only can they take down Dan Rather in a day, they can write better fiction too! Today we've collected twelve stories from various bloggers, some of whom you're probably familiar with and some you're probably not, but all worth checking out.

by Curtis Schweitzer of a_sdf
A 310 word brief story rated PG.

An abstract, stream of consciousness statement of faith.

by KJB of One Fish Up, One Fish Down
A 375 word brief story rated G.

A self-involved parent picks her child up from Safe Key.

The Mother Meets the Rabbi
by Yetzirah of Yetzirah
A 665 word brief story rated G

How my Rabbi survived unscathed during my mother's official visit. And how she figured out why Judaism has survived so long. All in one golden afternoon.

Not noir. Not ever. Never!
by Gary Cruse of The Good Intentions Paving Company
A 900 word brief story rated PG.

A noir mystery of 1920s love, rejection, and steamy nonchalance.

Revenge of the Women of Kleenex
by Michelle Catalano of A Small Victory
A 1,202 short story, rated PG-13.

Single Superheroine seeks Super Guy.

[This is a fun one, from a genre that doesn't get the respect it deserves. -DSC]

by cbeck of Feeding The Habit (A weekend blog)
A 1,273 short story in two parts, rated R.

"Now most normal aborigines would be out dancing, drinking, and not inhaling various clouds of smoke on a Friday night. But instead we sat holding hands in a small semi-circle with someone who should have been a beauty at our focus."

The Never Ending Story Blog
by KJB et al. of The Never Ending Story Blog
The first 1,390 words of an ongoing story of indeterminate length, rated PG (so far).

This is a collaborative story effort, allowing contributions from anyone. You can make it about whatever you want, although your collaborators may decide not to play along.

By Touch
by Wichi Dude of Wichi Dude
A 1,903 word short story rated PG-13.

A man uses an unusual talent to help his family. And passes that talent along.

[Nice. -DSC]

by Trudy W. Schuett of WOLves
A 2,078 short story rated PG.

Sometimes it's easier to hang together than to hang separately.

[This one's really sweet.

by Dave Gudeman of Doc Rampage
A 2,607 word short story rated PG-13.

This story is either farce or tragedy, depending on your beiefs. If you believe that humans are no more than automatons, then this is an amusing farce about how the survival reflex responds in a situation that evolution didn't prepare it for. If you believe that humans are living souls, then this story is a tragedy about the evil that can result from pride and self-centeredness alone. No malevolence is required.

[I liked this one. It's based on an idea I've also been considering using for a short story, if only Doc hadn't beat me to it. -DSC]

by Marty Dodge of Dodgeblogium
A 2,975 word short story rated PG.

An exhausted man turns up at the Sage of Wales' front door begging to let in. Is he all that he says he is and who exactly is after him?

[This story is an interesting mix of horror and modern fantasy. I liked it. -DSC]

Writer's Block
by Jeremiah Lewis of Fringe
A 4,413 word short story rated R.

A struggling writer (of course) longs for female companionship, for which he invents a creative solution.

[This was an intriguing story, deliberately vague and ambiguous.-DSC]

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