Sunday, January 10, 2010

Storyblogging Carnival X

NOTE: Once again, I'm re-posting an old post, so I can't guarantee links.

Welcome to the tenth Storyblogging Carnival. I'm glad we've made it this far. While I was willing to keep doing this as long as people were willing to participate, I had no way of knowing whether people would be interested enough to keep the carnival going this long. Thank you all for your involvement and for your stories.

And thank you to everyone who's hosted so far. The previous Carnival was hosted by Michele Catalano two weeks ago, while the next one will be at Sheya Joie's blog two weeks from now.

Out of Bounds (Unplugged) (Chapter 1a)
by Mark Philip Alger of BabyTrollBlog
The first 643 words of a short story in progress rated R.

The All-Doll Band gives a concert and there's a snowstorm in Ohio in July. Just another day at the Center. (This story is just starting. Future episodes will be posted — one per weekday.)

His name was Bill
by cbeck of Feeding the Habit
A 1,315 word short story rated PG-13.

A man fighting the thing we all face: our own life.

Walking to California, Chapter 2 (Beginning)
by Curtis Schweitzer of a-sdf
The next 1,496 words of a 3,328 word story in progress rated PG.

Chapter 2 of my never-finished NaNoWriMo entry for 2004, detailing the story of a young man who walks from Denver to Los angeles in the wake of a dark tragedy.

[This story is beautifully told. I love the imagery invoked to give an empathic understanding of the tragedy endured by the main character. -DSC]

The Lesson
by Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium
A 1,558 word short story rated PG.

The Sage tells the tale of the first time he met one of Cthulhu's minions face to face.

Little Grey Man
by Brian J. Noggle of Musings from Brian J. Noggle
A 1,835 word short story rated PG.

A self-romanticizing postal carrier sees something that alters his self image irrevocably.

Cokey goes flying
by Dave Gudeman of Doc Rampage
A 2,182 word short story rated PG.

Jim Kjelgaard wrote YA (young adult) adventure fiction --short (40-word) stories aimed at about fifth- to tenth-grade readers.. Many of his stories were written from the point of view of a dog. He was my favorite childhood author and this story is an attempt to recreate the feel of one of Jim Kjelgaard's dog books.

[This is a delightful little story for the dog-lover in all of us. Unless you don't like dogs, in which case it's for the dog-lover in him. Yeah, that guy over there. He likes dogs, just ask him. Anyway, it is clearly inspired by what may be a true story. -DSC]

Last Gas
by Pete C of Engrossing Tales
A 2,849 short story rate PG.

On a dark, isolated road, the last gas for miles could turn out to be a saving grace... or something entirely, ominously different.

The Strangers in Town
by Sheya Joie of Tales by Sheya
A 2,874 word short story rated PG-13.

For Rivkah, this was the strangest birth she had ever attended--beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Trail of the Slug
by Michele Catalano of A Small Victory
A 3,113 word short story rated PG.

Can dreams of vengeance fulfill themselves?

Distaste of Roses
by Jeremiah Lewis of Fringe
The first 3,535 words of a story in progress.

Currently unfinished story about two unlikely people meeting in an unlikely town, and the unaccountable bitterness of rose petals.

Thanks for coming by. I hope you'll be able to visit Tales by Sheya for the next carnival. If you'd like to join the Storyblogging Carnival e-mail list, just drop me a line.

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