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Storyblogging Carnival III

NOTE: Once again, I'm putting up a Storyblogging Carnival that originally went up a long time ago. Some links may be out of date.

The third Storyblogging Carnival is up at Beyond Salvage. Eight stories from around the blogosphere, including a story from myself and our first audio submission. The next carnival will be at Doc Rampage.

Update (9/12/2005): As Robin Jones's blog is no longer with us, I've retrieved a copy of the Storyblogging Carnival III from the Wayback Archive. Here it is:

Welcome to Storyblogging Carnival III. Thanks to all of you who participated. I encourage you to submit again to Storyblogging Carnival IV, which will be hosted by Dave Gudeman at Doc Rampage on October 25th. I enjoyed hosting this time out. Thanks to Donald Crankshaw for the opportunity. Unlike Donald, I’ve refrained from commenting on any of the stories. I’m not at all acquainted with the language of literary criticism and would certainly make a fool of myself if I tried to fake it. Suffice it to say that I’ve read all the stories and found them each entertaining in their own way. So here are the eight offerings for Storyblogging Carnival III. You’ll find links to the previous carnivals towards the end of this post.

Silence in the Snow
by Andrew of Philosophical Poetry
a 350 word brief story rated G

When deep emotion and isolation converge, a man is changed in an instant.

Walk With Me
by sheya joie yonathi of tales by sheya
A 500 word brief story rated G

“A walk with her big brother…”

Don’t hurt me I’m small!
by Gunner Miller of Monster Blog
542 words of a never ending story rated G

Everyone believes in monsters as a child. This is the story of my life after I had to believe again as an adult. That’s when I found, adopted, and raised one for myself. This story never ends, it just keeps going, as long as there is chocolate.

Denise, Denise
by Gary Cruse of The Owner’s Manual
A 900 word brief story rated G

A zany blend of La Femme Nikita and Deliverance

by Peter C. of Engrossing Tales
a 958 word brief story rated PG

The old man, wrapped snugly in an oversized trenchcoat, leaned forward across the stone chess table in the park. His breath came in sporadic bursts of white mist, which drifted slowly to nothingness in the chill atmosphere of this brisk winter day. He wore a knit black cap and heavy leather gloves, and his nose was two shades darker red than normal. He sported a ragged white beard peppered with shards of grey, dripping condensation beading on the hairs in glistening, half-frozen pearls.

Overhead, a coo and flutter. The pigeons had arrived, right on time.

by Dave Gudeman of Doc Rampage
A 1995 word short story rated R

Some of the nicest people you know were just born that way. They are just naturally full of kindness and empathy and friendliness. Some of the other nicest people you know weren’t born that way at all.

Holy Spirit Warehouse
by Robin Jones of Beyond Salvage
A 6418 word short story rated PG-13

This story is about lost faith and what one man does to recapture it.

This submission is in audio (mp3)

Why I do …
by Marty Dodge of Dodgeblogium
A short story rated PG that runs just over 7 minutes

Another Sage of Wales tale

Here are the links for carnivals one and two. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget the next carnival at Doc’s in just two weeks!

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