Sunday, March 28, 2004

Week in Review

Here's what I was talking about this past week.

We haven't forgotten -- Even after 2 and a half years, 9/11 still brings strong feelings.

Protesting the Imperial US Hegemon -- When wacky anti-war protestors go bad. It isn't pretty.

What is a Pharisee? -- Christians like to throw around the term Pharisee in a perjorative sense, to describe hypocrites in the church. While this isn't really fair from a historical perspective, the problems Jesus ran into with the Pharisees are common enough today. Of course, anyone who calls another a Pharisee is in danger of behaving like one in the worst way.

U of R survey on Religious belief -- I describe the results of a survey which Intervarsity took of the University of Rochester.

Ralph Nader's talk -- I blog a talk given by Ralph Nader at the University of Rochester on consumer advocacy. He sounded like a conspiracy theorist, talking about the evils of our corporate society.

Richard Clarke -- A quick summary of the Richard Clarke situation for those who are interested in my take.

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