Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Kerry's VVAW problem -- continued

Old Post: The earlier post is here.

In the Blogs for Bush carnival, my previous post is described as: "Back of the Envelope talks about how Kerry's association with VVAW, which was recently revealed to have discussed assassinating U.S. Senators, could destroy his political future." My first thought was "I didn't describe it that strongly, did I?" Well, I did come pretty close. I really think this story, if it were given anything near the attention that Bush's National Guard record was given, really could make Kerry's candidacy untenable, perhaps even cause him to withdraw, despite the fact that he's hardly the sort to do so. It looks like it won't get that attention, however, so it doesn't look like that will happen. It would take a prominent Democrat attacking Kerry on this, or at least a Bush ad about it, to get much media attention at all.

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