Thursday, March 04, 2004

Kerry doesn't understand straight talk

Plenty of people have already noticed that Kerry seems unable to speak in a straightforward manner. From the looks of things, the problem's even deeper than that. Debra Saunders reports from an interview with Kerry:
Kerry's answer was that Washington insiders believed that Bush didn't mean what he said. "I think that you had a hard-line group (then Pentagon adviser) Richard Perle, (Deputy Defense Secretary) Paul Wolfowitz and probably (Vice President Dick) Cheney. But when Brent Scowcroft and Jim Baker (former advisers to the first President Bush) weighed in, very publicly in op-eds in The New York Times and the (Washington) Post, the chatter around Washington and (Secretary of State Colin) Powell in particular, who was very much of a different school of thought, was really that the president hadn't made up his mind. He was looking for an out. That's what a lot of people thought."

What about what Bush said to the United Nations? That was "rhetorical," Kerry answered. And "a whole bunch of very smart legitimate people" not running for president thought as he did. "So most people, actually on the inside, really felt that (Bush) himself was looking for the way out to sort of satisfy Cheney, satisfy Wolfowitz, but not get stuck," Kerry continued. "The fact that he jumped and went the other way, I think, shocked them and shocked us."

So not only is Kerry incapable of straight talk himself, he can't recognize it when it asks for his support for a war.

Say what you will about Bush, he says what he means and he means what he says. Lots of people hate him for that. One wonders if the reason is that he exposes their own fraudulence.

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