Thursday, March 18, 2004

The al Qaeda letter

Doc Rampage thinks the al Qaeda letter (in which al Qaeda says that it's calling a truce with Spain as long as it really withdraws from Iraq and that it wants Bush to win because Kerry's so smart he'd be a real threat to the terrorists) is a fake. Maybe. It certainly doesn't strike me as particularly intelligent, whether fake or real. So are we supposed to believe that the terrorists really want Bush to win, because Kerry scares them? If Kerry had done anything aside from promise to return us to the pre-9/11 status quo, I might find it a little bit believable. As it is, you've got to be a way-out Lefty to believe that Kerry will fight the war on terrorism better than Bush, and a none-too-bright Lefty, or perhaps a really stupid terrorist trying his hand at reverse psychology, if you think anyone other than the far-Left can be convinced that terrorists really are more afraid of Kerry than they are of Bush. Either that, or the writer might be a somewhat clever conservative who thinks that people won't take the letter at face value and it will end up making Kerry and the Spanish Socialists look bad.

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