Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Stranger in the Library for sale

I recently put my short story, "A Stranger in the Library," up on Amazon as a Kindle e-book.  "A Stranger in the Library" was my first fiction sale, appearing in the December 2008 issue of Aoife's Kiss. Since it only appeared in print, and is now very difficult to get a hold of, I thought it would be worth making it available for sale online.  For those of you familiar with Fire--right now just a few friends and family, though hopefully more people will have a chance to read it in the not-too-distant future--"A Stranger in the Library" takes place in the same world thirty-five years earlier, and involves the characters of Marjori and Aulus. Aulus also appears in "A Phoenix in Darkness," which will be going up on Black Gate later this month.

For everyone still waiting on their chance to read those stories--all five of you, here's the blurb I included with "A Stranger in the Library":
Marjori is a Philosopher of Books, tasked with maintaining the University's Great Library and helping the scholars seeking knowledge within. When one of the secretive Domini seeks her aid, will she risk helping him undermine his corrupted Order?
More stories by me (okay, one more story by me) can be found at my Amazon Author page.  My wife also has an Amazon Author page, so you could buy some of her stories as well.  We recently compared how many stories she's sold on Amazon vs. the number of stories I've sold, and I was embarrassed to discover that she's outselling me ten to one.  Granted, she's had five stories up while I've only had one until this past week, but still!  Now I'm not going to discourage people from buying Kristin's stories.  By all means, buy one of hers too.  Just buy one of mine first.


  1. Just so you know I am not playing favorites (not completely anyway), I just bought your two kindle books on Amazon.


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