Sunday, February 15, 2004

Thus Ends the First Day of Blogging...

I've just started this blog and already I have two substantive posts. Cool. Of course, both posts were things I had been thinking about for a while, and part of the reason I started the blog was so I'd have somewhere to put them.

Of course, I have other things I'd like to post: questions I'd like to ask Kerry about his testimony before Congress 30 years ago, the ability of the US to apply military force to other trouble spots (e.g., North Korea, Syria, and Iran) while still engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Bush National Guard controversy. Alas, I'll need to do some research before commenting on those. And then I have yet to discuss anything related to theology or quantum computation, the latter being the only thing I'm professionally qualified to discuss (assuming that a doctoral degree really makes me qualified). Between these items, I probably have enough material to have a fairly productive first week. I have no idea what I'll write after that, but I'll try to post something every day.

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