Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Marriage Bed

I bought a bed yesterday.  Or at least a mattress and box spring.  This is a product of two circumstances:
  1. I am getting married in May.
  2. My old bed breathed its last.
I had been sleeping on a wooden futon frame, but rather than using a futon mattress (the only one I have is old and thin, such that you can feel every wooden slat beneath you), I used an inflatable mattress.  I found that it was comfortable, and while it got cold in the winter, I could cover it with some foam and an open sleeping bag beneath the fitted sheet, and I'd be fine.

Which worked until it sprung a leak on Thursday.  Exactly how that happened I'm still not certain, but I lay on it Thursday night, and woke up lying on the aforementioned wooden slats, with the remaining air in the mattress surrounding, rather than beneath, my body.

So I needed a new mattress fast.  Rather than going out and buying one (or ordering it on Amazon for overnight delivery), I talked to Kristin first.  Kristin's my fiancée, and we had been talking about buying a new bed when we got married.  She was not impressed with my air mattress, and her own bed is kind of small and creaky. So we used this as an impetus to get a new bed--or the mattress and box spring, as I mentioned earlier.  Said items were installed on top of the futon frame for the moment (an actual bed may have to wait until we have an actual apartment), to produce this:

Which is just a little bit tall for a bed, roughly as high as my stomach.  Apparently the mattress + box spring combination would work better on a bed frame somewhat lower than the futon frame.

Update: For reasons I haven't figured out yet, a whole lot more carriage returns were included in this post than I put there when I hit the publish button.  I've deleted them, but we'll see if they come back.


  1. Keep writing about this, Donald. Your current setup reminds me of old straw mattresses or antique beds, high off the ground. You may both enjoy the height!

    The bed should be a place, a destination, a sanctuary - not just furniture. Find the right setting in the room. Find the right bedding, the right pillows. Consider a headboard, and DEFINITELY consider a footboard, for reasons I hope you don't understand yet. Consider whether the bed should be tall or closer to the earth, even whether it should be canopied. Where does the sun come into the room, and do you want to see the moon?

    Be deliberate and considerate, and keep writing.

  2. I'll admit that I'm not really sure how a footboard figures in, but . . . yes, I definitely want a headboard, mainly so I can sit up and read in bed.

    Now we just need an apartment to put it in.


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