Sunday, February 17, 2013


Kristin and I went to Boskone this weekend, one of the science fiction conventions local to Boston.  It's not as literary as Readercon, or as costume and media centered as Arisia.  However, it is a lot of fun, as it has a good mix of panels, demos (including a lot of sword play), and an art show.  I only ended up going to two panels.  One for Military in Fantasy, and another for Advanced Writing Advice.  The first one wasn't as useful as I had hoped.  I wanted to hear about common military mistakes in fantasy, but they were pretty focused on avoiding deus ex machina, and didn't cover as much other ground as I had hoped.  The Advanced Writing Advice did offer some useful advice, but I don't think there was anything I hadn't heard before.

We went out to dinner with the Brotherhood Without Banners, a fan group for George R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice, on Saturday night, and by the time we got back the parties were winding down, so we hung out with the BWB and George Martin himself instead.  I also ran into John Murphy at Boskone, who I know through the Codex Writers' Group, though we didn't have much chance to talk.

Kristin will probably have a much more detailed con report,  but it may be a little while before she finishes it.

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