Monday, July 25, 2011

The Office of Second Chances now on Kindle

In 2008, I wrote a story inspired by (WARNING: this site will suck your life away if you let it).  Specifically, I postulated that if the world is always in danger and the odds are always against the heroes, then sooner or later probability will win.  As the world is still around, there must be something at work to defeat probability, or at least reload the last save point.  Hence, "The Office of Second Chances."

It was a fun little story, and I sent it off to Coach's Midnight Diner, where it was published in the 2009 anthology Coach's Midnight Diner: The Back From The Dead Edition. I strongly believe that the story still has some life to it, and I've been considering other places it might thrive since the rights returned to me a while ago.  One possibility is an audio edition, but I really don't have the acting ability to do it justice.  And there are very few places that will publish reprints.  So ultimately I stole an idea from my wife.  She's decided that once her story rights return to her, she'll put them up as ebooks on Kindle. She's kind of annoyed that I did it before she did.

So "The Office of Second Chances" is now online at Amazon.  Here's a small taste:
World-threatening dangers are a fact of life. Most people can’t accept that, so they tell themselves it isn’t true and then make up stories about it. None of the details of those stories are right, but they do reflect the greater truth that there is always something threatening the world, and always a need for a hero to save it. Where they get it wrong is in thinking that the hero always succeeds. In real life, sometimes the plucky comic relief isn’t plucky enough, the wise old mentor isn’t that wise, the cryptic clues are too cryptic, or the ragtag band of heroes just can’t manage to overcome their differences. For whatever reason, there are times when the heroes don’t have what it takes to save the world.
When that happens, the world gets destroyed. Six thousand, seven hundred, and twelve times at last count. That’s why the Office of Second Chances exists. When things go wrong in the World Saving Department, they fix them.

 You can download it to your Kindle (or free Kindle app) for $0.99.  Just follow the link to your right.

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