Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Hey, I won!

Each week, Captain's Quarters holds a caption contest, where he invites his readers to caption photographs of Democrats in action. Up until now, it's always been Kerry who's been captioned. I've never participated before, partly because I don't think it's dignified to make fun of people simply because you disagree with their political views, but mostly because I couldn't think of anything funny.

This week, however, Gore was the one in the photo, and it was from the insane rav--er, I mean, speech he gave in front of I looked at the photo, thought of something funny, and submitted an entry. Ten seconds later, I thought of a way to make my entry funnier, but I didn't want to make another submission. Go here to see what the winning entry was. And here is what it should have been:

Fighting to contain a violent yawn at his own words, Al Gore is mistaken for a raving lunatic. He decides to go with it.

Update: Edward Yee, who judged this week's contest, reminded me that I'm late with his bri--uh, I mean, check out his blog. You know he must have a good sense of humor.

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