Sunday, January 12, 2014


And I'm back to fashion blogging. Actually, it's been a month, so it may be a little surprising that I'm back to blogging at all.

In my ongoing efforts to acquire decent rain gear, I've moved on from coats and hats to boots.  I have waterproof hiking boots, but since they're hiking boots, they don't cover more than my ankles.  That's fine, most of the time, but in Boston, occasionally I have to trek through snow more than a few inches thick.  In addition, the hiking boots aren't that warm (they're designed for summer hiking), and they aren't a lot of protection to my lower pant legs.  So I decided that some tall, waterproof boots would be a great help in my goal of staying warm and dry in cold and wet weather.  After some shopping around, I decided on these.

They're the Muckboots Artic Sport Mid Outdoor Boot.  Mid, as opposed to High, means that they're 12 inches high instead of 15.  Arctic is the model designed for cold weather, specifically -40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  That sounds like it will work for Boston cold.

One annoyance is that they don't come in half sizes.  Instead, they're supposed to stretch to cover an extra half size.  So men are supposed to round up their size to the next whole number (8.5 to 9, for instance), which suggests that the 9 is actually designed as 8.5, and stretch to 9.

They arrived today, and they're even bigger and clunkier than they look.  Which is fine, since that's what I was after.  They feel a little large, but not too bad.  We'll see what I think once I've had a week to break them in.

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