Saturday, July 13, 2013


I spent most of last night assembling the workbench shown on the left.  It took more time that I expected, but otherwise it went quite smoothly.  The directions clear, all the pieces were clearly labeled with stickers showing part number and which direction they should be oriented, the screws were in little labeled plastic bags, each hole was properly threaded, and, unlike a lot of furniture I've assembled, all the pieces fit together smoothly like they were supposed to. The instructions said that it takes two people to assemble, but I found I only needed my wife's help twice: when we flipped it over after attaching the legs, and when we moved it to its permanent location.  Some tasks, such as putting up the pegboards and hanging the lamp, were harder for one person to do, but not impossible. In the end, the only problem was that it was two screws short.  There weren't quite as many #41 screws as there were supposed to be.  There was a small bag with one extra of every screw, bolt, and washer, but that still left me without one screw.  I was able to assemble it anyway, leaving out a screw where I thought it least mattered, but that bothered me, so picked a few screws up at the hardware store the next day and fastened in the last screw.  This is what it looks like assembled:

New workbench
I got this particular workbench, the Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench, because it was highly rated on Amazon, despite the fact that UltraHD sounds like something you'd call a smartphone. More importantly, it had everything I was looking for: a work surface, drawers, a pegboard, and a shelf.  It also came with a power strip and a flourescent light, both useful for where I set it up in my basement, which is lacking in both lighting and power outlets.

I also got a stool, so I'd have somewhere to sit while working at the bench.  The stool is also from Seville, though it lacks the fancy smartphone name.

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