Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Storyblogging Carnival CXVII

Welcome to the 117th Storyblogging Carnival.We had to skip a month, since we were short on entries.  Unfortunately, we still only have three, but I felt that I should at least put up the ones I've received.

A Limerick Affair
by Madelein Begun Kane of Mad Kane's Humor Blog
An under 75 word brief story rated R.

The tale of a cheating spouse in limerick form.

The Virgin Wife Chronicles
by Andrea DiGiovanni of Living Out Loud
An 1:18 minute video trailer rated PG.

The Virgin Wife Chronicles is an inspirational online serial where I share my journey through an unconsummated marriage.

The Confidant of Jericho
by Tim King of J. Timothy King's Stories
A 980 word brief story rated PG.

From the moment they appeared at my door, I knew the two men weren’t from around here... I try to be careful about making mistakes... (An historical short-short, based on the story of Rahab of Jericho.)

This concludes the one hundred and seventeenth Storyblogging Carnival.

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