Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Storyblogging Carnival LXI

Welcome to the sixty-first Storyblogging Carnival. We only had four entries this time, possibly due to the fact that we're just getting out of the Holidays. Hopefully we'll do better next time. On the bright side, it was a lot less work to put this carnival together than usual.

Stranger XI
by Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium
A 100 word brief story rated R.

It was requested that I write a sporty Cthulhu tale and this my attempt.

Postcard #5: From the Shape-shifting Dreamplate
by Karen Hunting at Reason-and-Rhyme
An 511 word brief story rated PG.

"Shifting Dreamplate" might seem to be all fluffy words flowing, flowing -- answers to questions not asked nor cared about, but cried out in desperation nonetheless. But isn't it really more like the terror and wonder associated with the sealing in of consciousness when lying there before sleep... in sleep, before death... in death? Just maybe?

Being Marika
by Mark Rayner of The Skwib
A 2000 word short story rated PG.

A quasi-autobiographical short travel fiction, about how I nearly married a Fijian princess.

The Transformation of PeeWee Witkin
by Charmaine Frost at Reason-and-Rhyme
An 8,237 word short story rated PG.

Little people face big challenges -- perhaps particularly over the holidays -- and without an ounce of sympathy these challenges may sometimes turn their hearts to stone.

This concludes the sixty-first Storyblogging Carnival.

If you'd like to take part in a future carnival, please contact me. I am also looking for hosts. Other carnivals can be found here.

The Storyblogging Carnival can be found at The Truth Laid Bear's √úberCarnival.

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