Sunday, June 09, 2013

Self-published Book Review

My latest review, of The Brightest Light by Scott J. Robinson, is now up at Black Gate.

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  1. This is a fantastic, well-written tale, and I give full credit to Robinson for the incredible world he's created. It puts me in mind of a Studio Ghibli-esque world, filled with floating lands, and an advanced/retro civilisation. Crystals are used for power, and one character stumbles (in a throwaway moment) upon the possibility of developing steam power as well. Robinson has crafted this world easily and credibly, and admirably drops us straight in. Explanations about the floating worlds never feel clumsy or forced, ditto for the Skyway Men and other characters and groups. The development of the characters is smooth, believable, and Kade and his companions feel easily likeable. Action scenes are well handled, and come thick and fast.


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