Wednesday, March 16, 2016

(Another) new story out: Marked Man

I've been busy on the anthology recently (we're in the process of editing the stories now, and it's taking a while), so I haven't had much to post here lately.

But in the meanwhile, I have a story out in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #62. "Marked Man" is a weird western about what happens when the past catches up with you. The story comes with a cool piece of art in the magazine.

A quick taste:
Heath knew the look of a man who meant to shoot another. There was no mistaking it in Eustace’s eye, so he drew his own weapon. No man could draw a gun faster than another could pull a trigger, though, even with the sort of help Heath had. The loud report of gunfire echoed off the buildings lining the street.
Another followed a second later, and Eustace went down. Itching burned across Heath’s chest, but he ignored both it and the wave of exhaustion that washed through him. He holstered his gun as he patted Murdoch. It was a good horse who didn’t shy during gunplay—or a deaf one. He hadn’t owned Murdoch long enough to be certain which he was. 
As Heath dismounted, a flat disc of lead tumbled out of the folds of his shirt. He stooped to retrieve it from the dirt and deposited it in his pocket, forcing himself upright despite his trembling legs. It wouldn’t do for someone to find the disc and figure out what had happened. He checked again that his sleeves were all the way down and his shirt buttoned all the way up, just to be sure. He thought the Mark of Warding could take another shot or two, but it was best not to give anyone else a reason to shoot him.
You'll have to buy the magazine to read the rest (no free version this time around).