Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fund drive for The Midnight Diner

Coach's Midnight Diner was one of the first places to publish one of my stories.  At the time, it was a yearly anthology of Christian genre fiction.  The Office of Second Chances was published in the second volume, and remains one of my favorite stories.

The Midnight Diner is now looking to become a regularly published paying market, and to that end, is raising money. In their own words:
The Midnight Diner is a hardboiled genre anthology with a Christian slant. No restrictions on God, no restrictions on reality. Didactic preachy works are dismissed unceremoniously; we’re looking for high quality works that are uncompromising in craft, content, and quality. Since 2007, The Diner has been released as an annual, print anthology. For the time being, the first three volumes can be found here, here and here. However, like any good creation, we’re going through changes. Evolving, as it were.

At the beginning of next year, the Diner will move to a quarterly, online format. For a nominal fee, subscribers will have access to exclusive poetry, nonfiction, short fiction and art, as well as an original serial novella. Each year’s content will also be released early the following year as a print and digital anthology. We are also switching over to a paying publication, as opposed to the prior Editor’s Choice Award model.

I look forward to seeing the new format, and would encourage anyone interested in seeing this sort of fiction flourish to take part in the fund drive.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Kristin and I went to see the latest Star Trek movie last Friday.  We had fun, but we ultimately weren't very impressed.  It wasn't as clever as it tried to be.  There was a bit of a reversal on a different Star Trek movie, which probably seemed cleverer in concept than it turned out in execution.  But overall, I can probably forgive it.  I still had fun, and even if it's not a great Star Trek movie, it was still a fun Star Trek movie.