Here's where I keep a list of my publications.  It's not as impressive as my wife's (see her list here), but I think it contains some nice stories.  All stories listed here are either already published, or have been accepted for publication.  (I try not to steal the publication's thunder, so I'll list "To Be Announced" for accepted stories until the publisher has announced it.)

Published Fiction

The Hunter of Shades -- Published in Residential Aliens (July 2007)
[High fantasy/Novelette] The shades are killing his people one by one, and he is the only one with the will and cleverness to hunt them.

A Stranger in the Library -- Published in Aoife's Kiss (December 2008) (Kindle Edition)
[High fantasy/Novelette] Marjori is a Philosopher of Books, tasked with maintaining the University's Great Library and helping the scholars seeking knowledge within. When one of the secretive Domini seeks her aid, will she risk helping him undermine his corrupted Order?

The Office of Second Chances -- Published in Coach's Midnight Diner: The Back from the Dead Edition (2009) (Kindle Edition)
[Modern fantasy/Novelette] Sometimes the hero fails to save the world.  When that happens, it's a good thing that there's an Office of Second Chances.

Her Majesty's Guardian -- Published in Daily Science Fiction (September 29th, 2011)
[High fantasy/Short story] Sooner or later, every Guardian must fulfill his ultimate duty, even if he can never forgive himself for doing so.

A Phoenix in Darkness -- Published in Black Gate (October 21, 2012)
[High fantasy/Short novel] For centuries, the Ordo Dominorum has defended humanity against threats beyond its comprehension, but the Order’s secretive ways and strange powers have earned the Domini only fear and hatred from those they seek to protect. Aulus and Nathan, two young Domini, believe that the Order’s success in hunting down and destroying magical threats has now made it possible to reform the Order and make it a part of the world. Will the murder of a fellow Dominus by a peasant woman be the impetus to begin this change . . . or proof that the Order has not been as successful as they believed?

Draconic Motivation -- Published in Daily Science Fiction (January 21, 2013)
[Satire/Flash fiction] You can breed a dragon and teach it to act, but it's still far too literal minded.

Local 623 -- Published in Nature Futures (February 7, 2013)
[Satire/Flash fiction] Your Local 623 of the Fraternal Order of Mad Science Assistants, Test Subjects, and Abominations wants you to know your rights!

Dynasty of the Elect -- Published in Liberty Island Magazine (November 11, 2015)
[Science Fiction/Short story] Tchel has earned his place in the next level, but a conspiracy threatens to send him back to the brood pit.

Marked Man -- Published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #62
[Weird Western/Short story] Heath was just looking for a place to sleep and resupply, when his past caught up to him.

Domus Lemurum -- Published in Intergalactic Medicine Show (May 2019)
[Horror/Novelette] Roman patrician Septimus runs a profitable business buying haunted houses at bargain prices, and re-selling them once the troublesome spirits have been banished. But some evil runs too deep to be cast out so easily...

The Supervisor of Accountants and the Great Gray Wolf -- Published in Cast of Wonders Episode 372: Little Wonders 22: #FantasyWorldProblems (September 2019)
[Fairy Tale/Short story] Sometimes the unlikeliest people are called to be heroes. But what sort of heroism can one expect of a lowly administrator?

Dreamforger -- DreamForge (Issue #4)
[Modern Fantasy/Novelette] Nordri used to forge dreams, until an empathy curse forced him to endure the nightmares he created. Now, he has to help a young woman facing her own dreamforged nightmare. (Yes, I published a story called Dreamforger in a magazine called DreamForge.)


  1. Hey Donaldo, do you have 'A Parable of Rain' by Jeff Harrell stored somewhere? And do you know how to contact Jeff?

    1. I was able to find a copy on the Wayback Archive at I have an old e-mail for Jeff, but I don't know if it's still active. If you want more information, e-mail me. I'm at dscrank-at-alum-dot-mit-dot-edu.


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