Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New story out: Dynasty of the Elect

I have a new story out at Liberty Island Magazine. The name of the story is Dynasty of the Elect, and it's about strange aliens being strange and alien. Plus there's a conspiracy and such. A taste:
Tchel didn't turn around, his fore eyes remaining focused on the computer screen. His rear eyes could see his counterpart's bulk filling the office door just fine. Heldiss was large even for a 17th leveler, his arms as big as Tchel's forelegs, his forelegs thicker than Tchel's hind legs. Unlike Tchel, he wore the 17th level body with a heavy grace, maneuvering the low slung form easily. Even after a full term in this form, Tchel found it too big and ungainly, a throwback to early industrialization when the chief engineer needed a strong body to handle the massive machines more than he needed a strong mind. Heldiss would have fit in better then.