Monday, February 07, 2011

Storyblogging Carnival delayed

I hate to do this, but I don't have enough entries to do a Storyblogging Carnival.  If I get enough within the next week, I'll post the carnival then.  If not, then I'll cancel this month's carnival and save any entries I have for next time.

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  1. Having posted stories in your previous carnivals, Donald, let me give you some feedback on your problem in the form of a question :

    What is the motivation for authors to write for your blog rather than/in addition to their own?

    Mine were :
    1) I was hoping for critiques of my stories, either from your good self or from your blogreaders.
    Sadly this did not happen; maybe you need to make explicit that these would be welcome?

    2) Publishing in your blog with links back to mine might have generate more traffic on my site.
    Statistically speaking, no significant traffic was generated.
    If initial traffic had been forthcoming, then tailing off, this might have been negative feedback
    for me, but any traffic was below noise levels (26/day).

    Nevertheless, keep up the good work.



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